Contemporary Painter (10+ years) focussing on non-representational abstraction. Formerly living in Amsterdam, originally from Cheshire, England. Influenced by all stimuli such as Architecture, Fashion, Landscapes, Music, Memories and Climate.

I’m fascinated with painterly mark-making and the use of prominent colour palettes that create a non-apologetic presence in my work.

Once a Portrait Artist, I now believe representation often is an easily digestible skill indication of an Artist, but with clear subject often comes a limit, a ‘ceiling’ if it were. It is the limitation of capturing this ‘likeness’ of a given form, figure, face or object that can minimise the use of colour, texture and mind within a painting.

I work predominately with acrylic to create a feeling, a mood, as the painting ‘takes’ you somewhere, noticing all components of the visual but not being drawn to one singular area, more a discovery of each element singularly as they become exposed in their intended sequence.

It is the process of understanding the Artist that makes abstract work so intriguing, multi-dimensional and exciting. The painting is the experience.

My paintings encapsulate an obsession with line, shape, structure, bold texture, balance and layers of colour that flow together and compliment one another to form a harmonious, seemingly accomplished aesthetic that I can deem ‘finished’.

Capturing the ‘finished’ state is what I find to be the true beauty of it all.